Home Inspections in Texas must be performed in strict accordance with the Standards of Practice as defined and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

A home inspection completed in accordance with these standards will provide you with an overall view of the house and its primary structural and mechanical systems. A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of all major components of your home. It is not technically exhaustive and does not include every detail of the home. All home inspections focus on safety issues, structural, and mechanical evaluations as listed below.

Concise Inspection Services thoroughly inspects and reports on the following:

As mandated by the TREC

  • Structural Systems

    Foundations, Grading & Drainage, Roof Coverings, Gutters & Downspouts, Attic Insulation, Interior & Exterior Walls, Ceilings & Floors, Stairs, Railings, & Balconies, Interior & Exterior Doors, All Windows, Fireplaces & Chimneys, All Attached Porches, Decks, & Carports

  • Electrical Systems

    Service Entrance Wiring, Service Entrance Panel, Sub-Panels, & All Branch Circuits, All Interior & Exterior Receptacles & Switches, GFCI & Arc-Fault Outlets, Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

  • Mechanical Systems

    Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment, Ducts & Vents, Exhaust Vent Systems, Dryer Vents & Piping, & Evaporator Coolers

  • Plumbing Systems

    Water Supply & Pressure, All Fixtures, Drains & Vents, Water Heaters, & Hydro-therapy Equipment (such as a whirlpool tub)

  • Appliances

    Dishwasher, Food Waste Disposer, Range Hood & Exhaust, Ranges, Ovens & Cook Tops, Microwaves, Trash Compactors

  • Additional Systems

    Garage Door Openers, Door Bells & Chimes, In-house Vacuum Systems

  • Optional Systems: (see pricing page for individual pricing)

    Sprinkler Systems, Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Outbuildings, Detached Garages, Septic Systems and Wood Destroying Insects

Inspection Process

A typical inspection for most homes takes approximately 2-4 hours. Client is welcome to be present for the entire process but the inspector will not be available for questions until the complete walk through is finished. Our commitment to providing the highest quality inspection for you demands that we remain focused during the actual inspection time. Our suggestion is that you be present for the last hour of the inspection at which time the report will be covered in detail and the inspector will be available for all questions.

What Does Not Get Inspected?

Based on the TREC Standards of Practice

Playscapes, Water Softening Equipment, Septic Systems, Ejector Pumps, Elevators, Refrigerators, Washing Machines & Clothes Dryers, & Home Security Systems.

Additionally, Gas Lines & Gas Tanks are not included along with Asbestos, Radon Gas, Radiation, Lead Paint, Formaldehyde, Mold, Insects, & Rodents

How to Prepare for Your Home Inspection:

Payment and Agreement:

Shortly after schedule your inspection, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions for reviewing and signing the inspection agreement online. A price quote will be provided and you can pay for your inspection online or if you choose I will accept cash or check at the time of service.


All parties concerned must be notified at least 24 hours in advance before the inspection begins. This includes sellers, buyers, agents, and any tenants.


You are not required to be present during the inspection. We suggest that you arrive for the final hour of the inspection so that we can cover all of our findings and go over the report with you in person. We allow plenty of time for your questions and our recommendations.


Please make sure that all utilities are on and any pilot lights are lit and functional.